Energy is something we are all aware of. We want it when we don’t have it and we enjoy it freely when we do.

But what about when it comes to Connecting with your horses on a deeper level?

How can we connect with our horse’s energy without it feeling like you are about to whip out a deck of tarot cards while sitting under the moon on a bareback horse?

In this episode, we explore:

  • The influence of energy in your life
  • the merging of Science and Spirituality
  • Horsemanship and Mysticism
  • Coherence and Electro-magnetic Fields in people and horses
  • Alpha wave rhythms and Beta wave rhythms: what they are and how they can help you understand how horses think
  • Energy: the “new” system of light speed and the ultimate wellbeing communicator
  • The power of intention in communicating with your horse
  • How to be a more effective influencer over your horse and why presence of mind is so important
  • Why “hard will” actually works against you
  • Why small chunks make you more believable


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