Terry Church

I am very proud to have Terry Church on board as one of our Horsemanship Greats. Her focused discipline is dressage, but she had a very enlightening and extensive experience with the late Tom Dorrance, known as the grandfather of the western horsemanship movement based on understanding horse behavior. 


She was “classically trained” through FEI levels in the US and Germany, but it was the trouble she experienced with one of her upper level dressage horses that forced her to seek out the wisdom of Tom Dorrance. He completely changed her life and became a father figure and mentor to her until the end of his life. 


She chronicles much of her journey in her book, Finding Pegasus. 


What I love most about Terry is that she is genuinely a nice person. She is quiet and funny and a self-proclaimed tree-hugger. She has that competitive spirit that many equestrians have but she has learned by example through Tom how to let people mess through the process of horsemanship and discover things for themselves so that they truly learn it and understand it. She is not your typical instructor; she is not screaming directives at you or criticizing how bad things are. She is patient, kind and is the catalyst for massive break-throughs for riders of many disciplines who come to her as a last hope.