In the “The Biggest Mistake Horse People Make and How to Avoid It” I shared that people focus on the horse’s head instead of the timing of the horse’s feet.

Well, there is a part 2 to that!

If you listened to the podcast, where Ed Rothkranz was speaking, you heard him mention the Part 2 fix for the biggest mistake,

One-Handed Riding.


If I had a dollar for every horse and rider he fixed with One-Handed riding……
well, you get the picture.

This fix is especially good for those of you that have gotten into a pulling match with your horse or have gotten into the unfortunate habit of “see-sawing” or sponging, massaging the reins, etc, etc.

Here is what you do:

  1. Gather your reins in one hand.
  2. You may use your second hand to make adjustments but then go back to one hand.
  3. You want to have enough bend to the inside (if you are riding in an arena, bent to the left if you are going counter-clockwise, bent to the right if you are going clockwise) that you can see the profile of your horses eye. Your outside rein should be long enough to where the horse can stretch into your hand a bit and not be pulled against it, in other words, it allows him to bend and stretch down.
  4. When the horse stretches forward into your hand, allow your hand to go forward with the horse. Do NOT hold against your horse.

For those of you that have issues with head tossing, heaviness in the hand, or hanging, this exercise will be a challenge of patience for you, but stick with it!

This is also a great exercise to test the softness of your connection with your horse or as a check-point to prevent yourself from pulling on your horse. You will start to see real changes in your horse, BIG changes in your horse over the next few rides if you stick with it.

I am sure some of you will have some real struggles with this, mentally and physically. Please share your challenges and successes in the comments below!

If not, do you have a friend that struggles with this same issue? Share in the comments below and share this article with your friends!

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