Jennifer Alfano

There are not many in the horse world who haven’t heard of Jennifer Alfano.

I was so excited to meet her when she was a part of the TaylorMade Horsemanship Clinic series. I had known of her many wins with Jersey Boy and Miss Lucy in the Hunter/ Jumper circuit, and to be honest, I was curious about her more than anything. What does it take to be a champion? 

I am very honored to have her here as a part of Clinic Horsemanship.

What I have grown to know about her is that she is an anomaly in the Hunter/ Jumper world. She genuinely loves the horses and animals in general. There is no doubt, the h/j show world has some serious issues, but she is one person that does the best she can to do what’s right by the horse. She is a show rider, and she is a show rider who has managed to make it to the top and stay there year after year, horse after horse. She takes the care of her horses very seriously. She still does her own night checks at her stable and she still monitors what everyone is doing during the shows. She makes sure she is still intimately involved with the day-to-day routine and care of her horses- and it shows.

I had another horsemanship master describe her as “one of the only riders I have ever seen that actually puts energy back into the horse”. 

Jen is a champion, but she will tell you herself she is still on her journey to great horsemanship, and it is a delight to see someone so talented  be humble enough to say she wants to learn more. Beyond that, she has a lot of wisdom to offer show riders, but she is an experienced enough rider to know she will never stop learning, and I hope she will be an inspiration to everyone to know we all will never stop learning when it comes to Great Horsemanship.