Hello Everybody!

Our road to fully launch Clinic Horsemanship.com, LLC is now beginning. You are now able to sign up for our email newsletter to share with you some wisdom I have learned on my journey thus far with Melanie Smith-Taylor, Buster & Sheryl McLaury, Mindy Bower, Michael Buskohl, Jennifer Alfano,Terry Church, the late Ed Rothkranz and more to come.

First, I want to introduce myself to all of you and share my story with you!

About Me


I was a back yard rider who grew up with Paso Finos. I would jump on the horses in the pasture bare-back and bridleless (unbeknownst to my parents!)from about 6th grade until I graduated from High School. In college, I was in Montana where I learned about the working ranch horse and how to work cattle and do ranch work horse-back. I also had my first experiences starting young horses during that period of time as well as learning how to ride a horse with a trot. I was so green!


In May of 2000, everything in my life changed.

I moved to Kentucky to apprentice under a Dressage Master, Ed Rothkranz. It was my nearly 12 year journey with him that really turned me on to what real horsemanship was. When he passed away in September of 2011, that was when I truly began to recognize the void of information that occurred when someone like him passes away. Thus, Clinic Horsemanship.com was born. I knew the preservation of knowledge was needed and I wanted to create an opportunity for people to “apprentice” under the people who have dedicated their lives to horses and who feel an incredible calling to pass good horsemanship on to future generations.

Good Horsemanship is Good Horsemanship and crosses ALL boundaries and is applicable in ALL disciplines.

These principles will not only enhance your relationships with horses, but will also aid you in your own personal journey through life in spirit, love and connection with others.


I look forward to sharing this wisdom with all of you and I thank you for having such a deep love of horses that you were brave enough to search for more. In the mean time, post a comment about what you are really struggling with. I will do my best to answer the very questions you have!


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