Mindy Bower

Mindy Bower is a very accomplished horsewoman.

As a 3rd generation horsewoman, she has been fortunate enough to study horsemanship under Ray Hunt, Bill & Tom Dorrance and Buck Brannaman.
Her talents for starting young horses and working with troubled horses, fuels her passion for helping people understand their horses better. She has helped many riders in the hunter/jumper world get big break-throughs with their horses by using ground work to understand how their horses think.

What I appreciate most about Mindy is that she puts 110% into making sure she gets through to the rider so that they very clearly understand what needs to happen to understand their horses better.
She can be tough and tenacious but it is all out of her passion to do right by the horse.

Mindy also enjoys training dogs and her love of dog training helps her to learn more ways to teach people as well. She is GREAT at explaining concepts to people, and she has taken on a lot of horses and riders most people would have given up on. I know you will gain massive insights from her and I hope you enjoy her passion as much as I do.


Mindy’s ranch website is: http://uhohranch.com/