Michael Buskohl

 Michael Buskohl is one of the most interesting people I have ever met in my life.

He is incredibly smart and feverishly dedicated to the horse. 

He is a licensed human chiropractor by trade, but he decided to start specializing in horses. He saw a need for people to really understand what stresses they were putting on their horses and some of the frustrations they were experiencing were caused by things the people unknowingly imposed on them. 

He is deeply passionate about the horse, his mind, his spirit, his body mechanics…..

He studies it fanatically and because of it he has made some massive discoveries that will completely change the way we see horses and riding all together.  He is the equine therapist to some of the world’s top show horses and is currently working on a series to debunk some of the popular myths on “horse-stretching” and other therapeutic techniques. 

Mike is one of the only horsemen of his calibur who will openly talk about energy- horse and human and astrophysics….. he is fascinating. Beyond all that, he is a teaching natural, and is great at helping riders understand how their horse’s body works, how they can help it, and how it will effect their riding outcome.

Great Horsemanship comes in many forms, and his wisdom is invaluable to those of us working from good to great.