Ed Rothkranz

Ed Rothkranz, my mentor, was not only a dressage master, but a horse master.

I am still inspired to think about times I was struggling with a horse, and he would say in his thick german accent, “Give him to me….” and the horse would instantaneously show a level of respect I had never gotten. 

I now see in the dressage publications different trainers starting to talk about double lungeing, but Ed was doing it 30 years ago, before it was cool. He was a real artist and I know I am taking on a great deal to present his “system” to you as he called it, in the way I know he would want it presented. 

We discussed him writing a book many times, and in our hours in the car driving from different clinics we discussed what he wanted his book to say. We never did write it- every time I asked him if we should get to work on it, he would say, “yes, I want to, but not today”. 

 I have been fortunate enough to get to know many of his students over the years and many of them have become great friends to me too. They were very generous, including his wife Helga, to give me as many videos as they could find for ClinicHorsemanship.com. I must say in advance, please excuse some of the video quality for him, because most were taken with someone’s personal video camera, but it is the content within the video that is truly valuable. I will do my best to enhance both sound quality and video quality so you can get the best value from it as possible. 

He would have been the first to admit his riding and training evolved many times,

but the people that learned from him the last 15 years of his life know that it had blossomed into something quite beautiful and unique, and I am very pleased to share that wisdom with you.