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Lauren K. Doyle here.

Lauren Doyle of Clinic Horsemanship

Lauren Doyle of Clinic Horsemanship

Horses are in my blood.

When I first started down the road of trying to learn great horsemanship, I didn’t know where to start or who to trust because there was so much information out there. I was bombarded by 800 people telling me 800 conflicting ideas of how to do everything and anything with a horse.

It was really frustrating.
I just wanted to understand my horses better and get along with them. I wanted to learn from someone who understood the horse, not just “training tools and methods”.

Understanding Your Horse

I have a lot more experience today than when I was first starting out. I was fortunate enough to do a 12 year apprenticeship in dressage with the late Master Horseman, Ed Rothkranz, as well as periodically from another incredible horseman, the late Ray Hunt. Both were great at understanding the horse and where he comes from, and both had a mutual respect for each other even though they came from completely different worlds.

In working with these amazing horsemen, I was able to recognize common threads of wisdom about horses and how they relate to humans in a way that no one else was talking about. When I began understanding and applying what they were teaching me, I saw real changes in my horses and how they related to me.

Today, I continue to learn from some incredible horsemen and women, but I also work with as many horses and people as I possibly can. I am lucky enough to get to work with people and horses in many different disciplines and a full array of backgrounds.

One thing I know for sure; a horse is still a horse and a person is still a person.

If I can get the person to tune in and understand themselves better, it helps them to see and feel things in their horses better too! If I can help the horse find security and balance within themselves, they will help their people find it as well! Getting the person to understand how their horses’s brain works through movement in the body the person then develops the feel to influence the horse and it is an incredibly transformational process for both!

How This Applies to You?

I want to save you the same frustration I felt so long ago and still see riders suffer from today.

If you are interested in deepening the connection with your horse without being told 100 conflicting ways to do it, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a professional trainer, back-yard rider or just want to expand on your skill set, there is something here for you, because after all,

horse wisdom comes from the horse not the discipline.


“If you are not following ClinicHorsemanship.com, I believe you are missing out on one of the best online resources to come along in some time! Ms. Doyle seems to have an incredible knack for distilling gems of wisdom from exceptional horsemen and presenting them in a logical format. I predict great things ahead for Clinic Horsemanship.”

– Bill Kraatz, a licensed FEI official
Bill was an official for the 2010 World Equestrian Games, 2011 and 2012 Kentucky Dressage Association CDI*** and 2011, 2012, and 2013 Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Events CCI****

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So, come on, join us as we journey deeper into our own brains to discover how making new connections within ourselves actually helps us teach our horses to connect with us!


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