I often get asked how to find Great Horsemanship Clinicians or Trainers and how to determine the Good ones from the GREAT ones.

Here are 5 Telltale Signs to Look for When Searching for Masters of Horsemanship.

  •  People Like to be Around Them and Respect Them

 If people feel good around them, horses feel the same way. Really great Masters of Horsemanship have a presence about them that people pick up on and the horses do too. If you feel this around them, you will know they have something to offer you and your horse.

  •  They will Encourage Strong Basics

Going back to basics often means you will have to go through some ugly before you get some pretty. Stronger bits and gadgets such as draw reins or tie downs are not tolerated and will be strongly discouraged.

  •  They will Challenge You and Your Horse but never Over-face You or Your Horse

 There is nothing worse for you and your horse than being over-faced in a learning environment. Great Horsemanship Clinicians and Trainers are experienced enough to know how to challenge both of you but work within the parameters of your skills. They also know how to read your horse extremely well so they will be able to gauge what will help your horse gain confidence without feeling over-faced.

  • The Horse Comes First

 They are there to be the interpreter between the horse and you. Therefore, Horsemanship Greats always put your horse first, you second. They should not be demeaning, but won’t care if your ego gets hurt or if you get offended.  They will also give the horse time to absorb the information so they end up willing and quiet with a soft eye.

  •  There is No Pitch

 The really Great Horsemanship Clinicians and Trainers aren’t there to pitch you, promise results with a package purchase, or push expensive levels and gadgets. They have made it their life’s work to make the world a better place for your horse. Some of the Best Horse People in the world are not well known at all.

Do you have a friend who has struggled with finding a Great Horsemanship Clinician or Trainer?

Post a comment below to share your experiences when searching for a Great Horsemanship Clinician or Trainer.

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